Secure Data Storage

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Understandably, everyone is looking for a location to store their archive, backup or replication data.

Some for reasons of regulatory compliance, others to safeguard critical data, but in all cases we believe there are a number of key attributes:

1. Geographic diversity

Where you choose to store your data should be at as physically distinct a location as possible from your primary location, so that any localised utility or environmental problems are unlikely to affect both locations.

Why C4L

C4L has storage arrays in multiple locations, ensuring you can select a site far from your data, allowing you to plan for a highly resilient recovery scenario.

2. Scalability

Everyone wants to grow their business, so you need a data storage solution that can grow with your business.

Why C4L

C4L offers a terabyte as our standard data storage size, and expanding the amount of storage you have is simply an email or telephone call away.

3. Secure locations

Much of the data you'll be storing in an offsite location may be of a sensitive nature, so having a secure location is vital.

Why C4L

C4L houses its data storage arrays in data centres benefitting from round the clock security, with CCTV and security personnel onsite.

4. Usability

The business world uses countless different systems and applications, so you'll need a storage solution which will work with your software.

Why C4L

C4L provides a number of ways of accessing the storage presented within its product offerings. They all use industry standard protocols and interfaces to ensure interoperability with the greatest number of clients.

5. Price

Unsurprisingly, cost is all-important. Taking a solution that deals in large volumes will allow you to benefit from vast economies of scale.

Why C4L

C4L's storage is sold in terabytes, meaning we operate on a much larger scale than is commonly found elsewhere in the industry, allowing you to enjoy vast economies of scale.

6. What do we Offer?

Online Remote File Storage

Access to your space can be enabled either through FTP, NFS or SCP/SFTP as required. Using associated applications or built-in operating system features, files can be uploaded and downloaded to and from the space as needed.

Online Remote Disk

Your space is set up as a virtual hard disk device and is accessible using the iSCSI protocol. From either Microsoft Windows or most Unix-like operating systems, the space will be presented exactly like a physically-attached hard disk.

Questions? Let us help

To speak to one of our consultants about what our Partner Programme can do for you, or for any queries, please fill out our Enquiry Form, Call 08000 098 028, Request Callback, or Request a Partner Pack.

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