Secure Online Data Backup

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We all know the statistics about how crippling data loss can be, with 43% of those companies suffering data loss never re-opening. Backup storage is undoubtedly essential, but who should you choose?

Why Use Our Backup Storage?

  • We offer a unique storage option in that we can offer a choice from almost every major data centre in the UK due to our expansive network.
  • We charge no Bandwidth fees to many sites, further reducing your costs.
  • Our solutions can exceed a Petabyte (1,000 Terrabytes).
  • All our solutions are a minimum of RAID 6.
  • All our solutions are provided in Tier 2+ facilities, with redundant routers, network connections, power and cooling.

What Types of Backup Storage Do We Offer?

Mirrored Backup Storage

You can again choose the amount of storage from the table below and this is then mirrored between 2 geographically and connectivity diverse data centres. The cost is just charged double and we automate the mirroring between data centres.

How Does it Work?

Your data can be backed up over your normal transit connection, or we can provide an interconnect direct to the storage device, removing the bandwidth bills from your provider for this.

Private Interconnects

A port is recommended if you are using this for iSCSI, but this is not a necessity. If you choose to go for the port, you then have access to many other services such as IP Transit from 4/Mbps and further Interconnects.

Questions? Let us help

To speak to one of our consultants about what our Partner Programme can do for you, or for any queries, please fill out our Enquiry Form, Call 08000 098 028, Request Callback, or Request a Partner Pack.

It couldn't be easier to apply for the C4L Partner Programme
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