Virtual Dedicated Servers

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Unsurprisingly, the current focus of many IT professionals is on achieving more whilst paying less, which is why Virtual Dedicated Servers are increasingly popular. C4L run HP and Dell server platforms and use the most advanced Hypervisor to provide you with a high-performance, yet cost-effective VDS solution.

We know what you're thinking: We've heard this all before, only to feel cheated having suffered high contention rates and extortionate bandwidth fees. Thankfully, C4L provides a solution free from such concerns. We're committed to keeping zero or low contention rates on our high-performance servers.

As C4L is one of the UK's largest wholesale Internet network providers, you can be sure that we have the highest quality network and Internet connectivity for your server, with multiple providers and 100s of direct ISP connections.

C4L locates all VDS in central London locations, ensuring low latency connections to the UK's Internet backbone. Responsibility for monitoring our high speed service lies with our Network Operations centre, which monitors our network 24/7 to prevent and diagnose any potential problems.

Taking VDS with C4L comes with all the benefits you'd expect from one of the largest private networks in the UK, such as a range of additional services being available including colocation facilities,Interconnects to all other major UK data centres, and high volume data backup, to name just three of our services.

Questions? Let us help

To speak to one of our consultants about what our Partner Programme can do for you, or for any queries, please fill out our Enquiry Form, Call 08000 098 028, Request Callback, or Request a Partner Pack.

It couldn't be easier to apply for the C4L Partner Programme
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